Excellence is born out of experience

Our FINEWORK brand very much lives up to its name. Our watchmaker's and jeweller's workbenches illustrate in exemplary fashion the skills and high-quality work carried out by our workshops.

The exceptional characteristics of our FINEWORK products make them essential furniture for watchmakers, jewellers and other creative craftsmen.

Whether for big runs or a unique piece, FINEWORK watchmaker’s or jeweller’s workbenches are an essential international benchmark, supplemented to perfection by drawer cabinets with multiple storage options.

Customise and supplement your work spaces as you see fit: accessories for watchmaker’s workbenches and jeweller’s workbenches are compatible with our entire range.

Just like our customers, we pay attention to the finest details. Thanks to the structural simplicity and flexibility of our modules, your work space remains perfectly under control, for improved performance.

Watchmaker's workbenches

Tick-tock: you've a meeting with success

FINEWORK watchmaker’s work benches stand out for their great customisation options, and the quality of their finish. From a standard model, we can create a variety of custom workbenches with variable dimensions, and a multitude of details and specialities.

With assembly, casing, hand fitting to name but a few operations, watchmaking is a vast and varied profession. Our flawless knowledge of the field puts us well ahead of the game. Our products are diversified to meet the needs of your profession, not to mention the aesthetic requirements due to its prestige.

Do you have your own ideas for your workbench? Do you have a specific need, wish or a particular project? We can also develop custom workbenches for you, on a drawing or prototype basis if necessary, meeting your expectations in all points. Our guarantee? A cutting-edge, modern, ergonomic and reliable watchmaker’s workbench.


Jeweller's workbenches

Your workbench? A work of art

Not all that glitters is gold, but our FINEWORK jeweller’s workbenches are ideal for working this precious metal.

Developed and produced in our own workshops, specialists from the world over count on our FINEWORK jeweller’s workbenches. The reasons for this popularity are clear to see: impeccable finishes, wide choice of models and materials, strict manufacturing standards and details which make the difference.

Always in the vanguard, as a leader in the development of workspaces for jewellers, we anticipate the future of your profession. Our custom jeweller’s workbenches are equipped to ensure excellence in your work.

Do you have your own ideas for your workbenches? Do you have a specific need, wish or a particular project? We can develop a custom workbench for you, on a drawing or prototype basis if necessary, meeting your expectations in all points. Our guarantee? A cutting-edge, modern, ergonomic and reliable jeweller’s workbench.



Accessories… More than an afterthought

What if you could no longer do without your accessories?

Allemand Frères SA make sure to always anticipate the future of the watchmaking and jewellery work professions, to be at the cutting edge of progress on FINEWORK workbenches. These custom pieces are equipped according to your needs, and to support you in creations exhibiting excellence.

To make your workbench really your own, you can select your accessories from a wide range, recognised by the biggest watchmaking and jewellery brands. The advantage? They are developed by Allemand Frères SA: our high-quality accessories and your workbench are designed in the same place, especially for you. Your equipment is delivered turnkey with products fully compatible with your work space.

Unique, like your creations, they were created especially for watchmaking and jewellery work: they offer incomparable working comfort!


Drawer cabinets

A place for everything, and everything in its place

That is how our drawer cabinets were dreamt up. Practical and secure, they were designed especially for the jewellery and watchmaking professions, to provide optimal storage for all your tools and components. Our drawer cabinets free up your workspace, to leave room for your creativity!

Build your cabinet according to your needs, thanks to our vast choice of frame and drawer sizes. Our various types of internal compartments of drawers specific to the fields of watchmaking and jewellery work mean that you can organise your drawers to adapt perfectly to your needs.

Excellence cannot be improvised: put your trust in our experience.



Our experience is enriched as we meet new challenges. Discover our creations, and be inspired!

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