Ergonomics of workbenches

Is perfect really the enemy of good?

Between tradition and innovation

The watchmaking, jewellery and gem-setting professions are deeply rooted in tradition. If this anchoring makes it possible to perpetuate techniques developed over generations for these “métiers d’art”, an undesirable effect is that of noting that there has been almost no evolution of the workbench. Innovation is however at the very heart of these activities, which we can see by the large number of patents filed in these fields each year.

Ergonomics of workbenches

The urgency of improving workbench ergonomics

The macroeconomic situation of the last 20 years has prompted most brands to concentrate their investments in technical developments, in the optimization of the machinery as well as in the improvement of manufacturing processes. Traditional hand craft has therefore benefitted little from these investments, despite constant improvement in the ergonomics of workstations.

The trend has however reversed more recently, thanks to a combination of different factors. We can indeed observe a scarcity of highly qualified labour coupled with a situation of full employment, which has resulted in an increase in the turnover rate of specialized workers in the various companies. Based on this observation, it has become urgent to consider the comfort of employees when performing their tasks in order to offer ergonomic solutions.

Ergonomic workbenches to improve productivity

Using ergonomic workbenches in watchmaking, jewellery and gemsetting will have many positive repercussions. First and foremost, users will be able to adjust their benches according to their morphology, which will prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders, and therefore reduce the rate of absenteeism. Secondly, an adapted workstation will increase the motivation of the employee in the accomplishment of his tasks and will result in an increase in productivity as well as in the quality of work. Finally, if your company invests in the ergonomics of workbenches, its attractiveness as an employer will be reinforced and will make it possible to lower the turnover rate of a scarce specialized staff.

Ergonomics of workbenches

Insignificant price difference

By including your company’s different ergonomic needs and comparing the price with a solution with no adjustability, you will quickly realize that the price difference is almost unsignificant when considering the entire lifespan of the workbenches. We will even go further: the slight price difference induced by an ergonomic solution with multiple adjustment possibilities will already be paid off after a few years of use.

Innovation also involves improving workbenches

Improving the ergonomics of workbenches will undoubtedly have beneficial consequences for users, and by extrapolation for the companies employing them. By offering modern and adapted workstations, watchmakers – jewellers – setters and all other specialists will be able to fully concentrate on their work of art in optimal comfort, which will contribute to reinforcing the excellence of your company. Perfect is thus not the enemy of good.

Ergonomics of workbenches