How to set up your Finework workbench

A guide to configuring the ideal workbench

The Finework workbench range includes a large collection of workbenches for watchmaking, jewellery and stone-setting sectors. Our decades of experience and ongoing development in partnership with leading brands mean that we can offer a wide range of configuration options and accessories to meet the specific needs of each type of activity.

The modular design of Finework workbenches ensures that you will find the workbench to meet all your requirements. By following the steps below, you will be able to define which elements need to be integrated into your workbench to make it your ultimate work tool.

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The right-sized workbench

The first step in planning your workbench is to choose the type of top to be installed and its dimensions. The type of top will be determined mainly by the activity for which the workbench is intended: a solid wood top is preferable for jewellers, while a laminate-coated top will equip most watchmakers’ and stone-setters’ workbenches. Solid wood offers excellent shock resistance and will be used as a support for all hammering or shaping operations, for example. Laminate, on the other hand, offers good scratch resistance but will not withstand repeated hard knocks. Its great advantage lies in its colour (light grey NCS S 1500-N as standard), which gives it an excellent contrast with the workpiece.

Once the type of table top has been chosen, the dimensions can be defined. The Finework range offers 3 different widths from the standard collection: 1230 mm, 1430 mm or 1530 mm. The standard depth of a Finework workbench is 680 mm. For watchmaker’s workbenches with adjustable or overhanging armrests, the standard depth is 780 mm.

A base to meet your needs

The next step is to select the type of base that meets your requirements. There are two types of base to choose from for Finework watchmaker’s workbenches: the 4-leg base or the T-shaped base.

The 4-leg base is available in a manually adjustable version or an electrically adjustable version, with a standard colour of light grey RAL 7047 or dark grey RAL 7024. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of this type of base, the electric version can lift a total load of 500 kg.

The T-shaped base is available in fixed-height, manually height-adjustable and electrically height-adjustable versions. A wide range of colours can be selected as standard for this type of base, allowing you to match your workbenches to your corporate colour scheme. The electric version can lift a total load of 150 kg.

For technical reasons, jewellers’ and setters’ workbenches can only be configured with the T-shaped leg.

An abundance of options

One of the main advantages of Finework workbenches for watchmakers, jewellers and stone-setters is the wide range of options available: wooden or metal layouts, technical rails and backs, lighting systems, electrification systems, fixed or adjustable armrests, goosenecks, extendable pulls, etc. Each element can be combined with the others to create a 100% customised workbench from our standard collection.

A professional, made-to-measure workbench

If the characteristics of our standard components do not meet your specifications, we can offer you a made-to-measure workbench design service. Our design office can help you define your specifications and design the ideal workbench from scratch.

Our team of engineers and technicians will propose innovative and ergonomic solutions to improve your production processes while maximising the well-being of your employees.

Contact us now to arrange a meeting and define your future professional workbench together!