Watchmaker benches, from standard to made-to-measure

Finework watchmaker benches, from a standard configuration to a made-to-measure bench

Watchmaker benches

Watchmaking workshops are increasingly becoming a communication tool for most brands. In the past, their access was restricted to the companies’ watchmakers or a few important customers. However, today we see that the Maisons are reinventing themselves to offer a complete immersion into their own universe.

Benches thus become an integral part of the visual identity of a Manufacture and play a crucial role in enhancing the final product. The technical specificities must blend perfectly into a modern design while the ergonomic aspect adapts to the morphology of any worker.

A standard configuration

Watchmaker benches - standard configuration

Our standard configuration watchmaker’s benches will already reflect the prestige of your brand. Our modular system allows us to offer a wide variety of options, colours and dimensions while remaining financially attractive. The standard configuration is particularly interesting for workshops wishing to display a luxury image while maximizing the quality-price ratio.

Our standard collection offers two different types of stands: the 4-feet version or the “T” stand version.

Personalized specifications

Watchmaker benches - specific configuration

The standard configuration benches, however, may not fully meet your specific needs. We could therefore define together the precise needs that our watchmaker benches will have to meet. Addition of secure drawers, tray with special dimensions or specific coating, integration of dedicated tools, … the possibilities are almost endless.

A made-to-measure approach

Watchmaker benches - made-to-measure

In addition to integrating all the technical needs of the workbench, the aesthetic aspect is increasingly important. When the workshops open and the Maisons invite their customers or any watch enthusiast to come and discover their facilities, particular attention must be paid to design. Indeed, the bench will convey here all the prestige and notoriety of the brand and must therefore reflect the aesthetic codes defining your identity.

Our experience of more than 40 years in the development of workstations for watchmakers combined with current conceptualization tools allow us to offer you 100% tailor-made solutions for unparalleled results.

From conceptualization to production

Each custom-made project goes through a 4-step process:

  1. Determination of the specifications: our team of engineers and technicians will study your project down to the smallest detail to offer you the solution that will meet all your needs.
  2. Creation of plans and 3D visuals: we prepare a complete and detailed presentation file of your workbench so that you can get a clear idea of your future workstation.
  3. Prototyping: we can make a prototype of your workbench for you and future users so that they can test it. This step ensures that every detail meets expectations before launching the production run.
  4. Manufacturing, installation and training: once the project has been validated, the new workbenches are put into production. It should be noted here that the production stages are entirely carried out in Switzerland. The assembly is then carried out in our own workshops, and as soon as the series is finished, we deliver it, install it and provide technical and ergonomic training for users.

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to assess your needs and together define your future bench.